Players in a user’s Active Lineup will accumulate points as follows:

Defenders, Midfielders, and Forwards:

  • Goal: 8 pts (exclusive of shot on target)
  • Assist: 5 pts
  • Shot on Target: 2 pts
  • Shot Off Target: 0.5 pts
  • Missed Penalty Kick: -5 pts
  • Clean Sheet (for Defender in user’s Active Lineup for entire the player’s entire match): 5 pts
  • Clean Sheet (for Midfielder in user’s Active Lineup for entire the player’s entire match): 3 pts
  • Foul Drawn: 1 pt
  • Completed Pass: 0.1 pts
  • Tackle Won: 1 pt
  • Pass Intercepted: 1 pt
  • Duel Won: 0.5 pts
  • Red Card: -5 pts
  • Yellow Card: -2 pts
  • Own Goal -3 pts
  • Every two goals conceded (for Defenders): -2 pts


  • Clean Sheet (for Goalkeeper in user’s Active Lineup for entire game): 7 pts
  • Saves: 2 pt
  • Penalty Saves: 5 pts
  • Every two goals Conceded: -2 pts
  • Own goal: -3
  • Goal: 8 pts


  • Users will select one CAPTAIN for their Initial Lineup.  While designated as a CAPTAIN, the player will earn double points for the user’s Active Lineup.  If a user substitutes the CAPTAIN, the substitute brought in takes over as Captain.  The captaincy cannot be transferred from player to player in the user’s Active Lineup.
  • In the instance where a player gets 2 yellow cards, the player will be given a red card. The player will get a total of -5 pts.
  • Goalkeepers, Defenders, and Midfielders must play the entire match, including stoppage time, to qualify for the clean sheet points. The player’s team must allow zero goals, including own goals, over the course of regular time and stoppage time to qualify. 
  • An own goal counts towards the number of goals conceded and will preclude the team scored on from getting clean sheet points.
  • A Goalkeeper will earn 5 pts for a penalty kick save even if the penalty kick is not on target.
  • Points for shots and saves are not awarded on penalty kicks.  The only points available to be earned on penalty kicks are points for a goal, penalty miss, penalty save, and own goal.


Starting 11’s official scoring validation process is only finalized once all games within the contest are final. This process ensures that Starting 11’s scoring is identical to Opta scoring when contest results are finalized and prizes are paid out.

On occasion, Opta scorers may issue a stat correction after games have ended and the official scoring validation process has completed. These corrections are rare, but can occur days after a game is played. Therefore, any changes to official scoring that occur after contests have been finalized will not impact those finalized contests. Conversely, if a correction needs to be made after contests are finalized due to a bug with the data feed or the finalization process, while extremely rare, the finalization process (including payment) may be reversed and redone correctly.

The official scoring validation process is solely to ensure that Starting 11’s contest results are determined based on Opta scoring. Delays during this process may occur as a result of data collection or other technical difficulties. Starting 11 will not attempt to make judgments on scoring rulings.