From MinneInno:  When you are trying to build a winning team, in sports or in business, sometimes the most valuable player to have is a lawyer.

At least that’s the case for Starting 11, a new daily fantasy soccer app built by three Twin Cities attorneys. The app, which debuted last week, aims to do away with the decades-old “set it and forget it mentality” in fantasy sports.

Users can choose new players before the start of each game, and are allowed up to three real-time, in-game substitutions that they can exercise whenever they like, just like a real soccer manager. Starting 11’s CEO Teague Orgeman and chief marketing officer Amanda Heyman are married, and have been lifelong fans of soccer and fantasy sports.

“I’ve been a pretty hardcore player of mostly football, but a few other things, for the last 20 years,” Orgeman said.

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