In a special bonus episode, the hosts of the Always Cheating podcast welcome Starting 11 co-founder Thomas Braun. Starting 11 offers a new mobile fantasy experience in which you can challenge your friends, fans at your local bar, or other managers around the world. Utilizing a unique scoring system and organic, real-time player substitutions, the app will change the way fantasy managers watch live Premier League matches.

Here's what the hosts of Always Cheating had to say about Starting 11

Fantasy Premier League managers can universally relate to this situation:

Imagine, for a moment, you’re in the midst of watching a block of midday fixtures. Kevin De Bruyne, one of your key midfield fantasy players, is badly blanking in what you thought was a great match-up for Manchester City. You were feeling so confident when the FPL transfer deadline hit, but now you’re staring down the barrel of a below-average score. To make matters worse, the last player on your bench is Tom Ince, from newly-promoted Huddersfield Town, and by some miracle he’s just scored a brace away from home in what seemed like an impossible game. Look at those points from Ince, so close on your bench, but still out of reach.

Now, imagine another scenario—a happier one. This time you’re playing the new mobile fantasy game with the Starting 11 app. Starting 11 allows you to challenge your friends or compete against people around the world in daily fantasy match-ups. But what’s different here is that you now have complete control to dump an unproductive or injured De Bruyne in real time, even in the midst of a match like a real Premier League manager would, and bring on an impact sub who might bolster your score and save your team.

This is just one of the many inventive features that Starting 11 is introducing into the Fantasy Premier League marketplace. Starting 11 is an app that you can download to your iOS or Android phone and take with you anywhere—whether you’re watching Premier League matches at the bar, at your friend’s, or even at the stadium. The app’s geolocation ability allows users to more easily challenge friends, as well as find other Starting 11 users, up to a pitch away, wherever you might be.

No Budgets, Flexible Lineups, Real-Time Substitutions

There are no budgets here. There are no cost prohibitive prices attached to hugely popular premium players. When setting your Starting 11 lineup, you’re free to choose any players you want who are competing during that particular “match flight” (the round of games that day of your challenge). The only requirement is that your lineup consists of players from at least three different actual clubs playing in the match flight. From there, you set your captain (double points—you know the drill) and you wait for the games to kick off, at which point you really become the manager, having the ability with Starting 11 to make up to three substitutions in your squad as the action unfolds live on the TV screen. That’s right: Unlike the FPL game we all know (and love), with Starting 11, managers are no longer locked in once the transfer deadline passes. How you watch Premier League matches live now matters more than ever.

Unique Scoring

Starting 11 rewards points to your squad members for the standard activities: goals, assists, and clean sheets. But the app also rewards your players for stats the official FPL relegates to its behind-the-scenes bonus system. You now score for tackles and duels won (making players like N’golo Kanté and Victor Wanyama valuable assets), as well as interceptions, completed passes, fouls drawn, and shots both on and off target.

Challenge Always Cheating or Compete with Friends

In the coming months, the Starting 11 app will offer money challenges in both the UK and US, allowing managers to compete for cash in one-on-one or group match-ups. In the meantime, hosts Josh and Brandon of this Always Cheating parish welcome challenges from their listeners. Just download the Starting 11 app, create your account, and then reach out to us via Twitter, Facebook, or email to call us out. We’re kicking things off this Saturday during Starting 11’s very first match flight. Let’s go!

Visit to download the app for your iOS or Android phone and start playing daily Premier League Fantasy today.

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