For as long as fantasy sports have been around, the game play experience has always gone like this: select your fantasy team’s starters during the week and then sit back and watch, helplessly, as those starting players performed –- or, more often, didn’t perform –- on the pitch.

But what if you could make decisions for your fantasy soccer team in real-time?  What if you could test your skills as a coach, not just a general manager?

That's where Starting 11 comes in.  With Starting 11, just as in traditional fantasy soccer, you select 11 players to start for your fantasy squad before matches start.  But unlike traditional fantasy soccer, the Starting 11 game doesn't end when the first match of the day begins.  In Starting 11's contests, you make decisions in real-time and have the ability to react to real-life events as they happen because Starting 11's users can make up to three substitutions to their team during live play, just like a real-life soccer manager.  

Your best midfielder just doesn't have it that day?  Use one of your three substitutions to send him off for someone in better form.  Your star forward's club has raced out to a 3-0 lead and is just holding the ball in the second half?  Bring on a new forward whose club is pressing the attack and watch as your substituted player tries to help his real-life team and your fantasy team come from behind to win.  Your most important defender gets sent off for a rough tackle?  Your day isn't over -- your day is just beginning, as you're now given the opportunity to choose his replacement (and maybe change formations while you're at it).

We want to improve the way our users experience soccer by empowering them to become active participants in, not passive observers of, live soccer matches.  Join us!