Starting 11 Beta Test Signup


Starting 11 Beta Test Signup

Apple Users, please enter the email associated with your Apple ID below:

Android users, please click the button below to download the latest build.

To UPDATE the beta app:

  • Apple - go to the "Test Flight" app. It has been recently updated so you may need to go to this link on your phone
  • Android - Go to this link on your phone to upgrade to V2.0. You must be signed into Google for this link to work.


Hello Starting 11 Beta Fans!

We're so glad to have you on our team. 

Starting 11 is a daily fantasy app for the beautiful game. Pick your squad before kickoff and make in-game substitutions during live play -- just like a manager. 

Look for the beta versions of our iOS and Android apps to launch near the end of March. Play for pride or for cash prizes. 

If you are reading this, it would really help us out if you could 1) sign up for our newsletter here, and 2) forward this blog post to a friend who loves soccer and might be interested in joining our beta launch. Your friend can also sign up here in 10 seconds or less.

And please be in touch with us - Starting 11 is a "for us by us" company, and we need your feedback and suggestions. Follow and tweet to us at @starting11app or email us at

Also, stay tuned for more news about our second app in development:  Social Soccer by Starting 11.