Live Daily Fantasy Footy Is Back!

Starting 11 is back with contests for the '19-20 season. The app is currently available for iOS and Android users in the U.K. and the vast majority of U.S. states and is also available for iOS users in Germany and Canada. Look for Starting 11 to be available in even more countries soon!

Join a mini-league and play with friends, family, and fans across the globe. Check out our new player news updates and player cards to get all the details you need to create your best squad.

S11 In Tournament Of Champions

beta tourn of champ.JPG

We’re honored to be one of the eight local startups participating in’s inaugural Tournament of Champions.

From Beta:

The Tournament of Champions is an opportunity to check back in on some of BETA's most exciting startups, learn about their growth and celebrate the milestones they’ve achieved since we first met them at the BETA showcase.

Some of these startups Showcased with us a recent as a year ago, while others were in our very first Showcase, back in 2014. In either case, for each team, A LOT has happened - growth, new products. new markets, new team members, cash in the bank, and the list goes on.

S11 @ COLLISION CONF in Toronto

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Starting 11 founders Teague Orgeman and Amanda Heyman joined a stellar group of Minnesota startups at the Collision Conference in Toronto in May. With eight stages, 25,000 attendees and hundreds of startups and investors, this was a huge opportunity for our company! Big thanks to Forge North and Greater MSP for their support of local innovation!

From Forge North:

Last month, Forge North put out a call for Minnesota startups interested in attending Collision to showcase their work, participate in sessions, meet with investors and help tell our region's story to over 25k attendees. Today, we're thrilled to announce the cohort of companies that will be joining us!

Collision brings together people and companies redefining the global tech industry and we are incredibly excited that these 8 companies will be part of that conversation. In the coming weeks, keep an eye on our social channels (@forgenorthmn) to learn more about the founders, teams, and missions of these companies as we prepare to head to Toronto in May.

S11 Represented at #TCSW2018

The exciting, jam-packed 2018 Twin Cities Startup Week was also a successful week for Starting 11! Three of our co-founders participated in popular panel discussions during the week, and our team had the chance to simultaneously make new connections and re-connect with investors, partners, and startup founders. Read on for the #TCSW2018 highlights.

anh panel tcsw 2018.jpg

On October 11, Starting 11 co-founder and General Counsel Amanda Heyman participated in the “Venture-Scale Apps: A Panel of MN’s Funded Mobile-Centric Startups” discussion at WeWork Capella Tower. Founders from Upsie, BrightHealth, Kidizen, Branch Messenger also participated the discussion, coordinated by Josiah Gulden and Mike Bollinger of Livefront.

s11 minimum lovable product fieldnation.JPG

On October 9, Starting 11 co-founder and CEO Teague Orgeman shared his thoughts about the concept of a “Minimal Lovable Product” with a sold-out audience at FieldNation.


On the opening day of Startup Week, Starting 11 CTO Alex Ryan and CEO Teague Orgeman discussed the future of daily fantasy sports at the “Play the Odds: The Future and Impact of Sports Betting” panel discussion hosted by MentorMate. Alex and Teague were joined by Fanball and LeagueSafe founder Paul Charchian, Inbox Dollars CEO Daren Cotter, and Hydra FPV CFO Matt Otterstader.

Fox9 News covered the event — check out story below!

S11 CEO Teague Orgeman Featured on Future of Sports Betting Panel

Starting 11 CEO Teague Orgeman participates in a panel discussion during Twin Cities Startup Week. Click on the image above for the video (Teague’s comments start at the 2:11 minute mark). Full story is below.

From Minneapolis Fox9 News:

(KMSP) - It’s business start-up week in the Twin Cities, and one of the potential ventures that entrepreneurs are looking to jump into is sports gambling.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court cleared the path for states to adopt sports gambling, and while it hasn’t happened yet in Minnesota, start-ups are already thinking about it.

Minnesota is still a long ways away from letting you legally wager on the outcome of your Vikings game, but entrepreneurs are already waging their own potential business plans on what sports gambling in Minnesota may look like.

During the gathering, sports fantasy expert and founder of Paul Charchian said sports gambling in Minnesota could go several ways.

“For consumers, what sports betting is going to look like is one of two ways: one, we may see sports books pop up at Mystic Lake or Treasure Island or one other brick and mortar casino with sports books. But much more so than that, we will be able to place bets on our phones, in the middle of games, and be able to play directly from our phones and our computers in fashion that doesn’t physically require us to be somewhere,” he said.

The concept of placing a bet in real time while the athletes actually play a game is a form of wagering called “in-game” gambling.

Charchian says it’s already huge overseas.

“In Europe, in-game gambling is very popular. In the middle of a soccer game you can still bet on the outcome of the game or who will score next; you can do that on baseball or any sport here as well. You don’t have to do it from your phone, but you are going to want to do it from your phone and that’s the best place for these things whether you are in the stadium or you are at home you can wager on the outcome of the game while it is happening.”

It’s not the form of gambling that Americans are used to. For a typical gambler, it could be new a form of wagering driven by smart phones, sports data and fans wanting more interactivity with their favorite sport, even their favorite stars.

“I think that is something that’s coming to the United States - maybe not at the level that it is in Europe. But, I think we’re going to see some companies like ours offer products that appeal to fans who want that interactive experience with the sports that they are watching verses the passive experience of just watching the players and having nothing to do during the game,” said Teague Orgeman, CEO and co-founder of Starting 11.

Currently only four states have adopted sports betting laws since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized it this spring.

This is not something that the Minnesota legislature is likely to jump into quickly, and any new law here would need the approval of our tribes who already have a number of casinos across the state.

Daily Fantasy Premier League Football is BACK!

Starting 11 is back with free and cash English Premier League contests on iOS. Contests are open now for iPhone users. Start building those lineups! Our first matchday kicks off on August 11.

Stay tuned on Android -- our free contest app will drop VERY soon in the Google Play store for worldwide use.

SportTechie Covers S11 World Cup Fantasy

From the piece by SportTechie's Joe Lemire:

During a break from a tedious deposition a few years ago, Stoel Rives partner Teague Orgeman and his law colleague Thomas Braun started wondering why “there wasn’t a dominant—or even good, really—fantasy soccer platform out there,” Orgeman recalled.
Electronic Arts’ FIFA series and Sports Interactive’ Football Manager are among the most successful sports video and simulation games of all time. In Orgeman and Braun’s minds, however, no one had yet solved fantasy soccer.
Along with three other co-founders, they got to work developing what would become Starting 11, a daily fantasy game that launched last August ahead of the most recent English Premier League season, and which was updated last week to offer World Cup contests.
“While we were building it,” Orgeman said, “we asked what can we do that would be genuinely innovative, that takes advantage of technology that maybe didn’t exist three or four years ago?”
Starting 11—which offers cash and free games in the U.K., Canada, Germany and 33 U.S. states—includes two original features. The first is the ability to make live substitutions, like real soccer. While matches are ongoing, a fantasy manager can swap out up to three players on his or her team for others active at the same time.

Keep reading at SportTechie.

S11 Announces World Cup Release in Four Countries!

FB-ad1 Copy 14.png

Starting 11 is thrilled to announce the release of our World Cup contests for iOS and Android devices in the UK, Canada, Germany and 34 U.S. states. 

This is a tremendous milestone for our team. We're proud to be one of the only fantasy platforms in the world to offer real-money fantasy contests internationally. To achieve this milestone, we have partnered with Skrill, a world leader in payment solutions in the gaming space. 

2018 06 07 Major Milestones.JPG

As we celebrate our World Cup launch, we are also reflecting on the major milestones the Starting 11 team has achieved in the last 10 months. We launched our free MVP version worldwide to the rabid global soccer fan base in August 2017, won the 2017 Minnesota Cup High Tech Division in October 2017, secured a UK Gambling Commission license and a $300K seed round in early 2018, and launched our cash game MVP in March 2018.

With the 2018 World Cup and the recent U.S. Supreme Court sports gambling decision opening up innovation potential in the fantasy sports space, we couldn't be more excited about what the rest of 2018 will bring.

For a quick primer on how to play Starting 11's new World Cup version, check out the video below, and for more details on our game please see our Player Guide.

Starting 11 Moves Into Beta/Space Startup Hub In Downtown Minneapolis

2018 06 07 view from Beta Space.jpg

What a great view from Beta/Space at WeWork in Capella Tower! Thanks to the leadership of the great folks at Beta.MN, Starting 11 will be part of the free startup hub Beta/Space for the next six months. 

Check out the news coverage of the new initiative from the Star TribuneTwin Cities Business Magazine, and MinneInno, and join us in celebrating the launch of Beta/Space on Monday, June 11, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Beta Space Launch Party.

2018 06 07 Beta Space Launch party.JPG
2018 06 07 Beta Space Launch party faces.JPG

U.S. Supreme Court Sports Gambling Decision Turbocharges Innovation Potential in Fantasy Space

Here's the story from MinneInno, featuring Starting 11 CEO Teague Orgeman's take on the decision:

minneinno paspa.JPG

All bets are off – or on. That's for states to decide after a new Supreme Court decision today, which struck down a federal law that had banned sports gambling throughout most of the country. 

The case addressed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which prohibited states from allowing betting on sporting events. The law exempted Nevada (because you know... Vegas) and three other states. Today's case, Murphy v. National College Athletic Association, specifically concerned New Jersey, but has the potential to impact the entire country, where it's estimated that Americans annually place $150B in illegal wagers on sports.

There's a lot to dissect here. Seriously. Today's ruling could have major implications for media companies, state tax revenues and even arguments about how college athletes are compensated. We could dedicate three whole Beats to picking this thing apart, but for now, let's take a look at Minnesota. 

Minnesota is not one of the states that have already passed legislation to quickly allow for sports betting, but that could change. Rep. Pat Garofalo will introduce a bill tomorrow to tax and regulate the industry, setting up a state wagering commission and allowing for online wagering and physical parlors. There are only five days left in the current legislative session – not enough time to pass the bill, but Garofalo hopes to get something passed before the start of the Minnesota Vikings season this fall. 

Today's decision was met with excitement from Twin Cities sports startups like Starting 11, a fantasy soccer platform that allows users to place bets on matches. Starting 11 CEO Teague Orgeman told Minne Inno that the company is pleased with and excited by today's ruling. Orgeman does not expect any significant, short-term impact on Starting 11's day-to-day operations, but believes that new laws could open up more possibilities for what products and partnerships the company is able to offer in the U.S. 

Orgeman, an attorney by trade, expects that up to 10 states will enact their own sports betting regulatory systems in the next 90 days. More states will follow suit. 

"There will be – and ought to be – a flurry of innovation and investment flowing into the sports gaming space in response," Orgeman said. "The stage is set for the $150B annually bet illegally on sports in the United States to come out of the shadows. That's a good thing."



NYC Sports Tank Next Gen Arena To Feature S11

sports tank.JPG

On April 30, Starting 11 will participate in the Sports Tank Next Gen Arena in New York City. We're looking forward to the chance to connect with the sports industry's most influential investors and executives and to share Starting 11's exciting progress and plans for the 2018 World Cup. 

Sports Tank is the worlds #1 sports specific pitch event, providing sports-related startup companies the opportunity to pitch to strategic investors. The Next Gen Arena is a platform for 30 early stage startups to showcase their business to investors, world-class sports executives and many special guests in the sports industry. Two of those Next Gen arena companies will be selected to pitch on stage during the Sports Tank pitch event on May 1. 




Cash Games are LIVE in the UK, US & Canada!!


With the international launch of real-money contests on both iOS and Android platforms, Starting 11 has achieved a huge business milestone. We're currently *live* with cash contests for the English Premier League (in British pounds, of course) in the U.K., Canada, 33 U.S. states, and Washington D.C.

Players can download the Starting 11 app for free and compete in both free and cash fantasy contests. For more on the ins and outs of our new cash contests, click here and here.

In addition to being the only truly live daily fantasy soccer platform in the world with real-time substitutions, we're now one of the world's few fantasy platforms that permits play for real money across international borders. This achievement is the culmination of over a year of hard work from our team and partners, and we are thrilled with the excitement and great response from Starting 11 fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gearing up for the World Cup!

Starting 11 is even more excited for the 2018 World Cup this summer. We'll be releasing a World Cup version of the app ahead of the tournament, which will be watched by 3.5 billion people around the world. Starting 11 will be ready to go with contests almost every day throughout the month-long competition. Start training now!