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How To Use The Game Center

The Game Center is where all the action is.   All of the information you need to keep up with your lineups is on this one screen.  Here's what you can find:


The Live Player Card

Curious to see how your players are performing during the match?  Check out their player cards to get a breakdown of each player’s stats.  Here’s what you can find on the player card:


Live Play Overview & Example

Live Play Overview & Example

Starting 11 allows users to build 11-player lineups without the stress and restrictions of an arbitrary salary cap.  Users can swap out players from their lineups up until the kick off of the first match in the contest.  Once the matches kick off, users can make up to 3 substitutions during the live matches.  The following is an example of team creation, substitution, and live play.

  • Wednesday

    • You enter a ₤2 Winner Take All contest for Saturday. There are 10 player spots total. The winner of the contest will receive ₤18.

    • You select 11 players for your lineup, including Hazard as your captain.

  • Thursday

    • You hear that Hazard is injured so you log in to Starting 11 and swap Hazard for Sterling. Sterling is now your captain unless you choose to switch captains.

  • Saturday Morning

    • The first flight of games have not yet kicked off. It looks like your forward, Anthony Martial is on the bench, so you make a quick swap for Ibrahimovic, who is slated to start.

  • Saturday - Matches kick off

    • You're now in live mode and have a maximum of 3 substitutions available.

      • By the 20th minute you can see it's not Ibrahimovic's day, but Aguero is looking great. So you use your first sub and switch Ibrahimovic for Aguero.

      • At the half it looks like Sterling is being subbed off, so you replace him with Harry Kane. Harry Kane is now your captain.

      • At minute 80' you check the Game Center and see that you are in a close race for the top spot. Your decide to make a drastic change and sub off a defender for an extra attacker who just might score, De Bruyne.

      • De Bruyne scores in stoppage time! This is just enough to give you the lead and when the contests ends you pocket ₤18.

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How To Make A Substitution

How To Make A Substitution

Starting 11 allows you to make up to 3 substitutions during live play. 

  1. Open the Game Center.

  2. Click on the contest in which you want to make a sub.

  3. In either Team List View or Birds Eye, click on the player you wish to sub off.

  4. Click on the "Sub Player" button.

  5. Choose your new player from the list of available subs.

  6. Click the "Confirm Substitution" button.