Starting 11 encourages healthy user behavior and takes this issue extremely seriously. We are committed to helping if you or someone you know is unable to engage in responsible play.

You can request a limit on the amount of funds you can play on Starting 11 by emailing Certain family members or third parties can also request account limits by emailing

Via the mobile app, you can also use the "self-exclusion" feature by clicking on the “account limits” button on Starting 11’s main menu or the “Click here to set a limit on your account” link available on the deposit screen.

Selecting “account limits” or “Click here to set a limit on your account” will take you to a screen where you may select a specific deposit limit and/or a specific length of the exclusion (in days, weeks, or months). After the specific limitation has been selected, you will receive a dialog box in-app confirming the limitation.

The minimum amount of time you may request self-exclusion be imposed is six (6) months, but not more than twelve 12 months.  Upon request, such self-exclusion may be extended for one or more periods of at least six (6) months.  At the end of the period chosen by the user, self-exclusion remains in place, for a minimum of 7 years, unless the user takes positive action to play cash games again. To end the self-exclusion, you must contact Starting 11 at to set up a telephone or in-person meeting regarding the request to end the self-exclusion.

If an account limits request is made, Starting 11 will exclude you from using the app, impose limitations on your account, and direct you to resources designed to assist the user in encouraging responsible play and healthy behavior (such as

Please play responsibly. We are here to help.