No.  First of all, sometimes great minds do think alike.

More importantly, just because you start with some (or in a very rare case, most) of the same players doesn't mean that you'll end with the same players as your opponent.  You and your opponent will likely use different players as substitutes.  And even in the highly unusual case where you and your opponent used exactly the same three substitutions on the same players, you and your opponent are exceedingly unlikely to deploy your subs at the exact same time.

Unlike "set it and forget it" platforms, Starting 11 offers multiple chances for lineup differentiation:

1. Who you pick for your initial lineup.

2. Which subs you choose to use.

3. When you choose to use your subs.

We have yet to see an identical score in an actively-managed contest between two Starting 11 players.  If you're involved in one, take a screenshot and send it to us.