Initial Lineups consist of 11 players and must include players from at least 2 different teams playing in two different matches.  For example, if a Contest Day includes two matches: Manchester United v. Liverpool and Arsenal v. Spurs, a lineup cannot contain players from Manchester United and Liverpool only.  A lineup must include players from both matches, even if only from two different teams.

Users may use up to 14 players in their Active Lineup during the course of a contest, as users are permitted to make up to three in-game substitutions during live play.

At no point will more than 11 players be within a user’s Active Lineup; that is, the group of players who are accumulating points for a user during a contest will not exceed 11 players at any one time.

Users must choose players from all four positions and according to the following restraints: 1 Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders, and 1-3 Forwards. 


Initial Lineups may be edited at any time leading up to games kicking off.  Each individual player will become a member of the user’s Active Lineup at the scheduled start time of their team’s game if the individual player has not been swapped out of the Initial Lineup. 

At the beginning of live game play, when the Initial Lineup converts to the Active Lineup, users may being to make up to three player substitutions by substituting one player for another in the user’s Active Lineup.  

Players will only earn points while in a user’s Active Lineup.  A player who has been substituted out of the Active Lineup will stop accumulating points for the user once the player has been substituted.  Once a player is substituted out of an Active Lineup, that player may not be substituted back into an Active Lineup.